Celestron SCT

Feather Touch Microfocuser

Telescope ModelTelescope Size  Focuser
Evolution and SE6″FTM-C6 Evolution
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA8″FTM-CPC8
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA9.25″FTM-CPC9.25
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA11″FTM-CPC11
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA14″FTM-C14HD

Telescopes with the 3 triangulated pattern will need the CPC version of the Feather Touch Microfocuser

Telescope ModelTelescope SizeFocuser
C8 with smooth or ribbed back8″FTM-C8
C9.25 with smooth or ribbed back9.25FTM-C9.25
C11 with smooth or ribbed back11″FTM-C11
C14 with smooth or ribbed back14″FTM-C14

Below is the information if you wanted to upgrade your Celestron SCT Telescope with a Feather Touch Crayford focuser

Feather Touch Crayford Focuser

Telescope ModelTelescope Size  FocuserAdapter
All versions6″FTF2015BCRA20-215
All versions8″ and 9.25 with 2-24 ThreadFTF2015BCRA20-215
All versions9.25″ with 3.29″ ThreadFTF2015BCRA20-212
All versions11″FTF2015BCRA20-212
All versions14″FTF2015BCRA20-212

If back focus or clearance is an issue, we also have a shorter travel focuser in which we call the “Shorty”

All versions6″FTF2008BCRA20-295
All versions8″ and 9.25 with 2-24 Thread8″FTF2008BCRA20-295
All versions9.25″ with 3.29″ ThreadFTF2008BCRA20-223
All versions11″FTF2008BCRA20-223
All versions14″FTF2008BCRA20-223