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Please don’t forget to specify which focuser(s), options, bases, and/or adapters you would like by including model numbers and/or descriptions. If you aren’t sure what you need, give us as much information as you can and we’ll help you sort it out to get you the right solution! Here are the things we need to know:

  • What telescope make and model number are you purchasing equipment for?
  • What type of telescope is it, for example: Newtonian, Schmidt-Cassegrain, Dobsonian, etc?
  • Do you do primarily visual or CCD imaging?
  • Is this a retrofit or are you looking to replace your entire focuser?
  • Ideally, if you could have the specifications ready, that would speed up the process tremendously. We need to know things like:
    • What type of focuser mount do you need.
    • What diameters your OTA and/or focuser base is.
    • What type of adapters do you plan on putting on your focuser.
    • If there threads, what is the thread pitch that you will be needing adapters for.