A20-3003-8—Adapter 2.0" Rack/Pinion for ORION, CELESTRON, SKYWATCHER VIXEN & SYNTA telescopes


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Scope specific adapter will attach to Synta manufactured telescopes.  This adapter is designed to be used with our 2.0″ Rack/Pinion focuser

Use with focuser FTF2015BCR-RP
Known To Fit Orion 80/100 ED, Synta/Celestron 102 Omni XTL 102ED, SkyWatcher 80/100/120ED, Vixen 80/100ED/Celestron 80 Onyx
Thread on Entry (OTA | FRONT) Side of Draw Tube 3.804″ Outer Diameter, No Thread, 4.0″ L

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Weight 1 lbs