EA20-205P-T—T-Adater with Parallizer design


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T-adapter with Howie Glatter’s Parallizer Patent alignment feature allows your image train to stay parallel

There is a misconception that the problem of the cylindrical slip-fit system we use for eyepieces and other optical accessories is centering. There are adapters and holders on the market that are advertised as “centering” or “self-centering”, but even if an accessory is pushed off-center a millimeter or more by clamping, that will not introduce a significant problem if the accessory and holder axis remain parallel. This is true even with a laser collimator. In contrast, angular misalignment between the accessory and the drawtube axis of even a few arc minutes can be detrimental, especially for collimation tools and camera adapters. In short, centering is nice, but parallelism is golden!
The Parallizer™ patented design insures parallel alignment with the drawtube axis of optical accesories such as eyepieces, camera adapters, and collimation tools. The Parallizer’s unique, patented alignment feature assures that the drawtube and accessory axis will always be dead parallel.


News Release ! The Parallizer has been chosen a Sky &Telescope Hot Product for 2012.

S&T says it “…provides three points of contact on the inner and outer surfaces, keeping everything perfectly square.” I should add that the Parallizer design actually employs two parallel lines of contact and an opposite clamping point of contact for each of the inner, and outer surfaces. These four parallel lines, two forming a seat for the 2” drawtube, and two forming a seat for the 1 1/4”accessory, assure drawtube-to-accessory axis parallelism. As Sky & Telescope says, “It’s simple . . and it works . . !”

Below is a quote that was from an astronomy forum:

“My crappy focuser only works as well as I need it to because of the Howie Glatter Parallizer. The Parallizer design is very effective at overcoming the external and internal ‘slop’ that is served up when you dine at the table of imported mass-production.” 

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