FTF2015BCR-RP—Feather Touch® Rotatable 2.0" Diameter Rack/Pinion Dual Speed 1.5" Draw Tube Travel, Brake, and Compression Ring


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Feather Touch® 2.0″ Diameter Rack/Pinion Dual Speed, 1.5″ Draw Tube Travel, Brake, and Compression Ring.  The focuser utilizes the pinion assembly of our 3.0″ focuser for greater lifting capacity.  For ease of rotatability the tube adapters will use 3 thumb screws instead of set screws.  The motor needed for this focuser is the HSM30 or the PDMS-2.5/3.0″ Feather Touch®.

The attached photo shows the styling of the tube adapter which is sold separately.



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Weight 2 lbs

[A20-3003-1]AT6/8&GSO 6-8" RC, [A20-3003-10] 2" R/P adapter with M109x1 thread, [A20-3003-11]Lunt LS60 and LS100 Telescopes, [A20-3003-13] Takahashi Mewlon 250CRS/300, [A20-3003-2]ASTRO TECH 65MM telescopes, [A20-3003-3]CELESTRON C11/C14 SCT telescopes, [A20-3003-6]MEADE 10, 12, 14" SCT telescopes, [A20-3003-7]CELESTRON C8/C9.25 MEADE 8 SCT, [A20-3003-8]SYNTA Manufactured Telescopes, [A20-3003-9] Adapter needed to attach to 2" Crayford adapters, Not Interested