FTF2525HD—Feather Touch® 2.5" Diameter Dual Speed Focuser 2.5" Draw tube travel, and Brake


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Feather Touch® 2.5″ Diameter – Dual Speed Telescope Focuser 2.5″ Draw tube travel, and Brake.

Please select the proper tube adapter ring and end cap that are needed.  If you need a Finder Scope Bracket, in the drop down box please pick the one that you want.  If you do not need one, please pick the not interested box.

Make your selections from the drop down boxes that are to the right of the image of the focuser.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

[A25-2003-1] Standard Tube Adapter Ring M95x1, Not Interested

End Cap

[EC25-2005-1] 2.0" Compression Ring End Cap, [EC25-2005-2] Vixen Focal Reducer, [EC25-2005-3] M68X1 female threaded end cap, [EC25-2005-4] A/P female threaded end cap, [EC25-2005-5] M47x.75 thread for Pentax XMC XW-40 eyepiece, Not Interested

Finder Scope Bracket

Not Interested, FSB-CH-Bracket 2.5/3.0, FSB-CH-Bracket 3.5