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Starlight Instruments is proud to release its new Electronic Focusing System (EFS), this is the next step in stepper controllers.   The EFS works through any ASCOM compliant software.

EFS Users manual

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This system comes standard with the digital hub, hand controller.   The motors are and option and can be selected from the drop down menu.

The control box and hand control are lightweight and compact.

The control box is 4.13″ (105mm) long, 2.87″ (73mm) wide and 1.1″ (28mm) thick.

The EFS system draws a maximum 1 amp of power @ 12V

The EFS can be controlled by standard USB cable

The motors connect to the EFS control hub via Ethernet cable and the hand controller is connected to the EFS control hub via RJ11 cable.

The hand controller has an innovative feature in that you can change the number of steps the focuser moves from 1 step, 10 step, or 100 step increments.  This is done by pressing the knob on the hand controller.  Each step speed has an LED light mode, RED 1 step, Amber 10 step, 100 Green step.

All cables are supplied with the EFS


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Handy Motor with built-in Temperature Compensation

HSM20, HSM30, HSM35, Not Interested, SI-RCEF motor for William Optics Red/Space Cat