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Telescope ModelOTA Thread FocuserAdapter 
ES80 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshieldM89x1FTF2535HDA25-2003-23 
ES80 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield M87x.75FTF2535HDA25-2003-24 
ES102 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshieldM102x1FTF3035B-AA30-1903ES102 
ES102 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield M99x.75FTF3035B-AA30-1903ES102A 
ES102/ES115 Carbon Fiber  4.6″ Inside diameterFTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES102CFOR
ES127AR131mm Outside DiameterFTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES127AR
ES127 Carbon Fiber w/o sliding dewshield4.732″ Inside diameterFTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES127 
ES127/140 Carbon Fiber w/sliding dewshield 5.58″ Inside diameterFTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES127A 
ES127 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshieldM130x1FTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES130 
ES127 Aluminum w/sliding dewshieldM126x1FTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES130AOR
ES152/165 Carbon Fiber6.825″ Inside diameterFTF3035B-AA30-1903-ES152OR
 FTF3235B-AA32-3203-ES152 with the
R32-2 Riser

The difference between the FTF3035 focusers and the FTF3235 focusers is that the FTF3035 focusers cannot accept a 3″ accessory so if you are wanting to use a 3″ accessory, you will need to use focuser FTF3235.