FTF3035B-A—Feather Touch® 3.0" Diameter Dual Speed Focuser, 3.5" Draw tube travel, and Brake


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Feather Touch® 3.0″ Diameter – Dual Speed Telescope Focuser, 3.5″ Draw tube travel, and Brake.

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Please select the proper tube adapter ring and end cap that are needed.  If you need a Finder Scope Bracket, in the drop down box please pick the one that you want.  If you do not need one, please pick the not interested box.

Make your selections from the drop down boxes that are to the right of the image of the focuser.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs

[A30-1903-1] Standard Tube Adapter Ring, [A30-1903-102] SkyWatcher Esprit 100mm, [A30-1903-103] SkyWatcher 120/150mm Telescopes, [A30-1903-104] Orion/SkyWatcher 80-120mm unthreaded OTA, [A30-1903-107] Borg 107FL, [A30-1903-12] TMB105-Non APM Version, [A30-1903-14] 6"/150mm Celestron Refractor, [A30-1903-145] Takahashi FS128, [A30-1903-152] Explore Scientific 152mm Telescopes, [A30-1903-16] United Optics 115MM, [A30-1903-17] United Optics 130MM, [A30-1903-2] William Optics FLT 98/GT102/Lunt LE102, [A30-1903-23] William Optics FLT98 Alum. OTA, [A30-1903-24] Meade 115mm, [A30-1903-25] Astro Physics 5" F6 Telescope, [A30-1903-27] Astro Physics 4.87" threaded OTA, [A30-1903-31] Takahashi TSA120, [A30-1903-4] Takahashi FS102/TSA102, [A30-1903-6] William Optics FLT110 W/O DDG Stock focuser, [A30-1903-6A] William Optics with TEC F6.5 optics, [A30-1903-6B] William Optics FLT110 w/DDG stock focuser, [A30-1903-85] Takahashi FSQ 85, [A30-1903-ES102] Explore Scientific 102 w/Alum. OTA, [A30-1903-ES102A] Explore Scientific 102 w/sliding dew shield for an Alum. OTA, [A30-1903-ES102CF] ES102CF with slide dew shield, [A30-1903-ES127] Explore Scientific 127 w/o sliding dew shield, [A30-1903-ES127A] Explore Scientific Carbon fiber OTA with sliding dew shield, [A30-1903-ES130] Explore Scientific 127 w/o slidng dew shield, [A30-1903-ES130A] Explore Scientific 127 w/slide dew shield, [A30-1903-TOA130] Takahashi TOA130, Not Interested

End Cap

[EC30-1905-1] Standard 2.0" Compression Ring End Cap, [EC30-1905-12] 3.0X24TPI thread for Cameras and Filter Wheels, [EC30-1905-3] 2.7X24 TPI Astro Physics Thread, [EC30-1905-4] M68 x 1 Thread, [EC30-1905-48]–Large T-Thread M48x.75, [EC30-1905-65] M65X1 threads for SkyWatcher corrector, [EC30-1905-72] M72X1 Takahashi Thread, [EC30-1905-82] M82X1 threads for Riccardi reducer, [EC30-1905-92] M92X1 William Optics Thread, Not Interested

Finder Scope Bracket

Not Interested