FTF3015B-A—Feather Touch® 3.0" Diameter Dual Speed Focuser, 1.5" Draw tube travel, and Brake


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Feather Touch® 3.0″ Diameter – Dual Speed Telescope Focuser, 1.5″ Draw tube travel and Brake.

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 cDASDFASDFADSFDSAFASFADSFDASFDSAF Please select the proper tube adapter ring and end cap that are needed.  If you need a Finder Scope Bracket, in the drop down box please pick the one that you want.  If you do not need one, please pick the not interested box.




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Weight 6 lbs

[A30-1903-1] Standard Tube Adapter Ring, [A30-1903-10] Meade 16", [A30-1903-18] RCOS Telescopes, [A30-1903-28] SkyWatcher Esprit 80, [A30-1903-40] 10/12/16" RC scopes, [A30-1903-7] Celestron C11/C14 Telescopes, [A30-1903-85] Takahashi FSQ 85, [A30-1903-9] MEADE 10,12,14" Telescopes, Not Interested

End Cap

[EC30-1905-1] Standard 2.0" Compression Ring End Cap, [EC30-1905-12] 3.0X24TPI thread for Cameras and Filter Wheels, [EC30-1905-3] 2.7X24 TPI Astro Physics Thread, [EC30-1905-4] M68 x 1 Thread, [EC30-1905-48]–Large T-Thread M48x.75, [EC30-1905-65] M65X1 threads for SkyWatcher corrector, [EC30-1905-72] M72X1 Takahashi Thread, [EC30-1905-82] M82X1 threads for Riccardi reducer, [EC30-1905-92] M92X1 William Optics Thread, Not Interested

Finder Scope Bracket

Not Interested