CS-SI-TUBLUG1.25—TuBLUG-1.25" Newtonian Collimator **COSMETIC SECOND** **BACK ORDERED**


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User Instructions

·  Use with a regular laser collimator in single beam mode to perform barlowed laser Newtonian primary mirror alignment on closed tube reflectors.

·  The Howie Glatter TuBLUG is inserted into the focuser in which the laser collimator then attaches to the other side of the TuBLUG

·  Matte-white 45 degree face and anti-reflection coated Barlow lens mounted in a central axial hole.

·  The Howie Glatter TuBLUG is easily visible from primary adjustment position and can be turned 180 degrees to face the front and has a cut-out.

  Howie Glatter 2″ TuBLUG Newtonian Laser Collimator

When it comes to lasers and collimation, one of the most trusted names in the business is guru Howie Glatter. His uncompromising quality and dedication to above average products, not only put his name above the rest – but in demand as the finest available on today’s market.


The cosmetic 2nd items are 100% functionally/mechanically sound.  They meet all of Starlight Instruments strict dimensional requirements.  Typical issues are the anodizing is not the perfect color match or the item may have a small scuff or scratch.

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